Body Care

Namaste Body Products are used in all Fresh Spa Market services and can be custom mixed for you to take home and enjoy.
Choose your personal trademark scent from our selection of over 200 fragrance and essential oils. 

Namaste is not a national chain! Fresh Spa Market designs and produces Namaste Body Products here in our Wichita store using fresh, wholesome ingredients–
often right out of our own garden!  Our rich, effective Namaste Body Products are vegan and paraben free.

Every month we feature a creative combination of scent suggestions and a specially themed scrub.

  • Packages Open or Close
    Featured Package Pure Bliss Package - The perfect gift for that special someone or for yourself. Enjoy an 85 minute Serenity Massage with a hot stone upgrade, Classic Facial with eyebrow wax, Gel Manicure and Fresh Pedicure. The relaxation doesn't end at the spa - take home a customized Jurlique cleanser, cuticle butter, lotion and bottle of polish to enjoy post spa day. No guilt because this is a beyond your expectations and a great value!!

    Only $300 for extreme relaxation!
    A little "Me" Time
    Fresh Pedicure, 50 minute Serenity Massage
    (2 hours) $90
    45 minute Massage and 45 minut Facial
    (1.5 hours) $90
    Relax Package
    Fresh Manicure/Fresh Pedicure, 50 minute Serenity Massage
    (3 hours) $100
    Fresh Manicure/Fresh Pedicure, Classic Facial
    (3 hours) $100
    Spa Sampler
    Mini Manicure/Mini Pedicure, Remedy Massage, Anti-Stress Facial
    (3.5 hours) $100
    Spa Favorites
    50 minute Massage and Classic Facial
    (2 hours) $110
    De-Stress Package
    Fresh Manicure/Pedicure, Classic Facial, 50 minute Serenity Massage
    (approx. 4 hours) $150
    Skincare Jumpstart Package
    Deep pore cleaning facial, anti stress facial, cleanser
    Trendsetter Package
    70 minute massage, winter pedicure, and classic facial
    (approx. 3 hours) $175
    Night on the Town Package
    Classic facial, brow wax, and shellac manicure
    (approx. 2 hours) $100
    Indulge Package
    85 minute Serenity Massage, Signature Facial, Fresh Gel Mani/Fresh Gel Pedi
    (5 hours) $225
    Signature Service Package
    Signature Facial, Signature Mani/Signature Pedi
    (4 hours) $165
  • Facials Open or Close
    Fresh Spa Market facials exclusively feature Jurlique products, which are biodynamically farmed in Australia to be exceptionally pure and effective. 
    Signature Ageless Facial
    Combat multiple signs of aging in this powerful yet luxurious treament leaving a more youthful appearance. 
    85 minutes, $85
    Seasonal Facial
    Seasonal enzyme and mask combination changes periodically to match the seaons. This service is as effective as it is relaxixng. 
    70 minutes, $70
    Antioxidant Facial
    A powerful triple phase Vitamin C treatment to reduce the appearance of fine lines. 
    50 minutes, $60
    Instant Facial
    An express service that is great between regular facials or as a quick pick-me-up before an event.
    30 minutes, $45
    Purely Detoxifying Facial
    Remove impurities and toxins. Includes a calming amethyst massage leaving skin brighter and more refreshed. 
    50 minutes, $60
    Relieve the stress of your daily routine with this total relaxation treatment that combines a 45 minute massage and 45 minute facial.
    45 minutes massage and 45 minute facial, $90
    Skincare Bootcamp
    The perfect prep for a wedding or other big life event. Get your skin glowing before your big day or just get it out of the funk it's been in!
    A series of two Instant Facials and two Antioxidant Facials, plus a bonus customized Jurlique cleanser.  
    $250 value for only $200!
  • Massage Open or Close
    Massage is more than just a relaxing and pampering luxury– it can actually be a powerful tool in your quest for good health! Nothing is more damaging to your overall health than stress, which can age you both internally and externally. While therapeutic massage may not completely eliminate stress from your life, it can help you better manage it, decreasing your anxiety levels, improving your circulation and energy level, enhancing your sleep quality and reducing overall fatigue. Feeling better inside has a great effect on your outward appearance, too, making you look more radiant and refreshed.

    We hope you will consider scheduling a Fresh Spa Market massage as a part of your overall wellness routine!
    Serenity Massage
    Our relaxing Swedish massage is meant to release tight muscles with long, soothing strokes combined with the customized aromatherapy from our blending bar - pure bliss.
    85 minutes, $85
    70 minutes, $70
    50 minutes, $55
    30 minutes, $30
    Deep Tissue Massage
    Deep pressure for muscle relief. If you have particular knots you want worked out or specific back pain that requires a deeper pressure and more specific body work.
    50 minutes, $65
    70 minutes, $80
    85 minutes, $95
    Soothing Stone Massage
    Hot stones massage offers the ultimate in relaxation!
    Your massage therapist will use warm stones to aid in muscle relaxation, running them down the long muscles of your body to soothe tight muscles.
    70 minutes, $85
    Motherhood Massage
    A soothing, nurturing experience to help expectant mothers relax and alleviate pain.
    Massage may be performed on your side, using a body pillow, or on your belly, with a pregnancy pillow– whichever is most comfortable to you. An experienced therapist will tend to the needs of your changing body.
    50 minutes, $65
    Sinus Relief
    Get instant relief from headache and sinus pressure.
    This face and neck massage encourages lymphatic drainage.
    20 minutes, $30
    Reflexology Massage
    This tension-relieving service begins with a warm foot soak, followed by a foot massage that explores the map of your foot to relax your entire body.
    30 minutes, $40
    Remedy Massage Series
    Series of six thirty minute massages.
    $150 ($180 value)
    Serenity Massage Series
    Series of six 50 minute massages.
    $300 ($330 value)
    We want you to thoroughly enjoy your massage at Fresh Spa Market. Here are some tips to ensure you will get the most out of your massage experience:
    • If you are feeling ill, please consider rescheduling as massage can intensify your symptoms.

    • You may undress to your own comfort level.

    • Please let the therapist know how to make your massage exceptional: room temperature, pressure, table temperature, areas of your body that need more or less attention.
  • Waxing Open or Close
    Eyebrow Wax
    Lip Wax
    Chin Wax
    Face Wax
    Underarm Wax
    Leg Wax
    1/2 Leg Wax
    Back or Chest Wax
    $50 & up
    Bikini Wax
    $25 & up
    Toes/Foot Wax
    Brazilian Wax
    Brazilian Maintenance