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Namaste Body Products are used in all Fresh Spa Market services and can be custom mixed for you to take home and enjoy.
Choose your personal trademark scent from our selection of over 200 fragrance and essential oils.

Namaste is not a national chain! Fresh Spa Market designs and produces Namaste Body Products here in our Wichita store using fresh, wholesome ingredients–
often right out of our own garden! Our rich, effective Namaste Body Products are vegan and paraben free.

Every month we feature a creative combination of scent suggestions and a specially themed scrub.

Featuring Namaste Body Products!

Not a national chain - these products are designed and produced right here in Wichita at Fresh Spa Market. All products are vegan and paraben free. Namaste Body Products use fresh, wholesome ingredients often out of our own garden to provide a rich, effective product. These products are used in all of our services and can be mixed for you to take home and enjoy. Choose a custom scent from one of our over 200 fragrance and essential oils.

Scent Combo of the Month: Summer Guava - Guava Mint, Guava Cooler (Guava, Banana, Lime), Guave Leaf (Guava, Freesia, Ginger), Guava Coconut
Products available

Fresh Scrub of the Month
Guava Leaf Salt Scrub will exfoliate for an amazing experience. 

Body Butter
Thick, rich cream made with pure, natural ingredients. A Namaste Best Seller! 4 oz. $15

Sugar Scrub
A little less oily for those who prefer it with a homemade just from the kitchen mixture of sugar, oatmeal & wheat germ! 4 oz. $10

Salt Scrub
A basic natural scrub because you don't need anything else – super effective! 4 oz. $10

Body Lotion
Light, non greasy product great for everyday use. 1 oz. $3, 4 oz. $6, 8 oz. $9

Body Spray
Alcohol free base, non-drying great for layering your favorite scent. 1 oz. $3, 4 oz. $6, 8 oz. $9

Body Wash
Your favorite scent in the shower to relax or energize 1 oz. $3, 4 oz. $6, 8 oz. $9

Hand Sanitizer
A traditional hand sanitizer with your favorite scents. 1 oz. $3, 4 oz. $6, 8 oz. $9

Salt Soak
Great for the bath, soak those tired sore muscles with Epsom salt, sea salt and the scent of your choice. 4 oz. $8.00

Cuticle Butter/Lip Butter
Shea butter and avocado oil give this cream a one, two punch of moisture for the sensitive and sometimes stubborn cuticle skin. Essential oils aid in nail strength and growth. Candelilla wax keeps this product vegan, while vitamin e is used as a natural preservative. .37 oz. $4.00

Jurlique Organic Facial Products
We are the exclusive Kansas retailer of this extremely effective organic line from Austrailia.